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Introducing FlattrPod

Flattr is a thing many of us want to use more. Unfortunately, in most situations it's just too damn inconvenient. "But it's just clicking a button in your browser!" some say, but, in reality, we are not living in the browser as much as we did a couple of years ago. We are consuming stuff mobile and that means using apps. This is especially true for podcasts. While they're usually more time consuming to produce and more expensive to host than a blog, flattring them is much more awkward, because doesn't have a Flattr button built-in.

While I can't give you a button right inside, I did the best I could: FlattrPod. When launching FlattrPod, you're presented with the artwork of the podcast you're listening to right now and a big Flattr button. Click it and you did something good. Optionally, you can tweet about the specific episode you're listening to, with a proper link. If you're not listening to a podcast or just want to flattr a different one, you can look at a list of all podcasts on your device.

FlattrPod is of course free and is available on the App Store. If you're a designer and want to help out, I would be glad for a nicer icons - feel free to contact me.

Since its release last tuesday, I received a couple of requests of supporting third-party podcasts apps. This isn't technically possible, but I'm looking into OPML import or an URL scheme as solutions - but I am not sure if they would be convenient enough to be useful. Meanwhile, encourage the devs of your favourite app to use FlattrKit or use Instacast, which added native Flattr support recently.

The app was also submitted to the Flattr developer challenge.

Here's a short and blurry video of the app in action: