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Emulating old consoles on iOS

I recently acquired a Logitech PowerShell game controller, one of the first to support the new iOS 7 Game Controller API. It is a so called standard form-fitting controller, which is an enclosure for iPhone or iPod touch with a button layout similar to the trusty old SNES controller. As this should be a good match for some retro gaming, I searched the internets for suitable open-source emulators. You will need an Apple developer account to install any of those. This post will be updated with additional emulators as I go along.


There's a fairly new emulator called SiOS, which already has a fork with working controller support.

$ git clone -b controller_support


I opted for Nestopia here, as it already supports controllers out-of-the-box.

$ git clone


Gearboy is a nice GameBoy emulator, but it lacked controller support. There's a fork by me which adds it and already gets rid of the GB chrome to make it work in landscape-right mode which is required for use with the PowerShell.

$ git clone