Podcasts with me

Unless noted otherwise, all the podcast are in German.

Regular appearances

I was a co-founder and co-host of Breakfast @manuspielt's for almost two years. The last episode I appeared on was 568. The podcast lives on as Insert Moin and I appeared on episode 733 as a guest.

I also co-founded the daily iOS app podcast Appsacker until I left after episode 90. It is still running, and I was guest in episode 200.

One-off appearances

I appeared a bunch of times on the otixero podcast, like here and there. I am pretty sure I was there at least one additional time, but can't find the link.

I appeared two times on gamerWG, in episode 119 and episode 135 to talk about the great Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its DLC.

Two times is also the count of my Kollisionsabfrage visits, first on Rauschlevel 14 and later on Mehrspieler Shortcut 9 with video!

And another two appearances on angespielt, talking about the 3DS and The Darkness II.

I appeared on Radio Trackback to talk about downloading your tweets in episode 290. I think it was also live on actual terrestrial radio.